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Our Story

For as long as I can remember I have had a vision of harmony, teaching, community.

Where the truth is valued and learning encouraged. A place where we can go for mind, body and spirit, Bounce ideas off each other support and uplift. A place to be refreshed, re-energized, revitalized and resonate. It would seem a lot have this idea, it seems to be part of the 'New Age' program! So here is were it will get very interesting knowing that its a program means it can be written over, keep in mind new age is co-opted, there is no new age its one age and everything we are call it in and activate,!

In 1986 I began a journey a search for meaning, there had to be more. I became certified in Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy. I had a small office in the Catskill Mountains this is where I began to notice from clients who wanted to have a past life regression session that life was stacked One life began another ended and another being lived. Multiple life's all happening at once. For a short time I hosted a cable T.V show in Woodstock NY with a friend we interviewed guests reviewed books  worked on dream analyses. I currently co-host a radio show on Revolution.Radio every Friday 7-9 pm eastern 'Life in the Hologram with Madeline Rudy. My show 'Navigating the Truth' Friday 9-10 pm eastern on Revolution.Radio. I do a local radio show every Monday 11-2 pm UK time.

  My journey involved Sweat lodges, Moon lodges, Weed walks, Fire walks, Obstacle course's, Life Food Nutrition, Whole Brain Functioning, Body work,  Kundalini Yoga, All kinds of yoga, Meditation, Chants, Reiki Master Certification, Tarot cards, Medicine cards, Mystical teachings , Enochain Angelic Initiations, Ra-Sheeba Master certification, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis and more. I lived in the USA for 29 years. Today I am now back living in Scotland the home of my birth this time around. My hope is to open a facilitation centre here. Scotland like anywhere else in this world has written history full of lies and deceit. Misleading its people and having them believe in a confused past but that is another story.

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