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Everything has meaning but only some meaning matters

When I look around me or inside me there are energies that seem old and new.

I can become over whelmed by what I see as selfish, cruel, unkind or unfair in this

realm to the point of wanting to separate myself from it and live as a hermit high on a hill. We are told that we create our world, and what we perceive is due to how we think, that our minds are so powerful that the very thoughts, that we have will determine our world around us. This in my opinion is why Jesus preached love your neighbour and treat others as you would like to be treated. If indeed these words were said there is little evidence of it being practiced.

Yes there are wonderful beings here and by their very presence they hold the space and the light , love and balance. This is a realm of duality good. bad, light, dark

For every good intention there is a negative one. Cause and effect or are these illusions?

Buddha taught the middle road, navigating this world by not being of it or influenced by the duality. There are plenty of examples of this in our history of people who no matter what was happening around them and to them they maintained a loving nature towards others.

One of my favourite poets Rumi said “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” That will keep you busy.

What are the barriers in me ? the old programs that generations of family instill through projection? the idea that we inherit more than eye colour from a parent or ancestor, all their failure's, success's, fears, trauma and torture, un-witting contracts by proxy and entities? all barriers to the love of self, because really that is what has been programmed into you, the barrier to selflove.

I have loved and been loved the highs and the low's of it all. I have experienced deep grief after the loss of my love. I had never imagined that one could be so crushed by life, and programming that they would take there own life, but I have witnessed that. How that impacted me and how I viewed this realm was forever changed. The deceptions began to reveal themselves. I cried for years at one point I thought I would drown, or the water in my body would run out.

Slowly but surely I began to stand again, rebuilding my confidence and sense of meaning.

There have been many obstacles and resistance but forward I go there is no going back. Good days and bad, if this life has taught me anything it is that things are not so cut a dry as cause and effect or duality, there is much much more to this realm. How can it be that a child can die from starvation when there is such abundance all around. The devouring nature of greed seems un-natural to me as does war and hate but still we see the effects all around us. This realm is not what it seems to be. We are not without power, we can overcome. Seeing with new eye's let the illusion drop away forever. Embrace the field around you and infuse it with your love, engage with the universal energies they are part of you for that is where you come from.. Create for yourself and others a world we can live in, give your attention to that. Love with all your might. For we are powerful so let us unite. Come together be the Star.

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