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Green Screen

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Over the years special effects in movies have become so good that we really can no longer tell the difference between 'real life' and animated, created generated in studio. That was the purpose to give the movie goer the illusion of reality. The only way to say for certain, if an event has happened is to be there. But wait three people can be witness to something and have three different stories of what has happened.

Reason being, we are different so we perceive differently. And in my opinion this is a good thing we need multiply perceptions to have a clearer picture. I ask you to, for a moment open your mind to the possibility that what you think is real may not be. Please think on this, am not saying that you can't get hit by a bus when crossing the street without looking. What I am saying is, everything that has been told to you is a story that helps the narrator influence you, You think that is you making a decision?

I remember watching a short film made by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris psychologist's. Subject 'selective attention' conducted at Harvard University in 1999.

The experiment was six people 3 wearing white tee shirts and 3 wearing black tee shirts.

2 teams passing a basketball to members of their team, Black to Black, White to White, All in a circle. During the passing of the basket ball a man dressed in a Gorilla suit would walk through the middle of the circle and beat on his chest. People were asked to watch the video and count how many times the team wearing white tee shirts passed the ball to each other. Most could count the number of times the ball was passed and thought it was easy. But half didn't notice the gorilla walk through the middle and bang on his chest and walk of screen.

The Stanford Prison experiment. Funded by the U.S. office of navel research and conducted at Stanford University by Philip Zimbardo Supposed to be a 2 week social psychological experiment into prison life. It was shut down after 6 days. Students took on role's of prisoner or prison guards in 1971, being paid about $15 dollars a day. Mistreatment of prisoners progressed at an alarming rate. Guards were told to wear sunglasses in order not to make eye contact. Prisoners wore a dress as a uniform and had to carry a chain with a padlock attached to their ankle. This was all video taped. After day 2 prisoners staged a rebellion. Guards came up with a punishment and reward system to manage the prisoners. Some of the guards became tyrannical and cruel. After day 4 3 prisoners had become so traumatized they were released. Prisoners became depressed

and disoriented. The study was called of after 6 day's. Philip Zimbardo became the scapegoat, being said this is what happens when you have a powerful authority figure imposing tyranny.

Zimbardo had said he felt like the prison superintendent. Of course it was conducted again. This time it was called "The Experiment" 2002.

There have been numerous experiments conducted over the years. People thinking they are electrocuting someone for a wrong answer but continue to do it even when they hear the person screaming. Just because they were told to by someone official looking?

Or a child terrified by loud sounds deliberately and the sound connected to the colour white 'Baby Albert' look it up.

Harry Harlow experimentation on Rhesus Monkeys calling it Research on Love.

Baby Rhesus Monkey's were taken from their mothers soon after birth. They were given the option of a terry cloth mother with no food or a wire mother with food. It was found the babies preferred the terry cloth mother. Has anyone else wondered why they used Rhesus Monkeys here's a clue Rh+ Rh- just a experiment on control, depravation and how to degenerate maybe, in my opinion. The Monkey's later escaped. The laboratory was in Puerto Rico.

This one is a little more difficult to describe and the website is no longer available. An experiment by Dean Radin and others, A double blind study. Were participants and subjects were given no information. Participants were instructed to focus on healing and well being. The long and the short of it. The subjects were in the past and the participants here and now. The results were strange to say the least. The participants seemed to be affecting the people in the past in a good way how interesting is that? And another indication things are not what they seem.

There are also many wonderful experiments like Dr Masaru Emoto. He believed that

human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. Simple and beautiful. He showed that water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotion.

His book "The hidden message in Water" is a wonderful book and highly recommended.

I will add here that the idea of affecting the molecular structure of water among other things has been around for a very long time and not new nothing here is. The story of Jesus turning water to wine example.

Then we have holograms. The smallest piece containing the whole picture. The smaller the piece the fuzzier it gets but still it contains the whole of the hologram.

Multiverse or multiply realities not a new subject in fact none of what I write are. These ideas have been around for a long time. Many have added to what it is. Sometimes confusing us even more and at other times a light of understanding settles in and we begin to see what is in front of us isn't what it seems.

Everyday we make decisions, choices out of a seemly infinite stream of possibilities. What if all of them branch of and a different reality is created. In one's life time that would mean millions if not billions of possible life's. Sometime events conspire and a branch we are not meant to be on we find ourselves on. What if we could bring together all the choices that lead to the life we were meant to lead.

To Be Continued.

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