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Herkimer diamond

Updated: May 25, 2023

Many moons ago I would mine for Herkimer diamonds in the county of Herkimer

in upstate NY.

It was gruelling work chipping away at rocks looking for treasure but I loved it.

I made jewellery using the stone's that I found necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

One day in the late eighties I was digging away when I saw a young man standing by a small waterfall he was dressed in native clothing buckskin beads and feathers. I did a double take and he was gone. I saw him again a little later that day he looked solid but he was out of place and out of time. I had found a lot of nice crystals that day and was happy but perplexed as to who was the young man I saw.

Later that week I was cleaning off the crystals picking out the ones I would use to make jewellery with, there was one that was a little smoky in the middle and an odd shape so I couldn't use in my workings. I thought it would make a nice ring. This was the stone I had found when I first saw the young man standing by the waterfall.

I sat down with it in my hand closed my eye's and tuned into the pretty Herkimer diamond. Prisms of colour bright and vibrant filled my mind space as I wondered through the many rooms of what seemed like a great crystalline structure. I saw a huge wooden door with many carvings I pushed the door open and walked into a bright room with vaulted celling almost cathedral like . The walls looked like glass when the light struck them they flickered all colours green, blue, violet, orange, yellow, red and variations of said colours. As I look towards the back of the room there was a throne and a being sitting on it. He was dressed in gold but he also glistened with all the other colours in the room almost like he was made of crystal.

He said in a loud voice that echoed around the room Welcome Catherine of Aragon, I answered my name is Caroline his reply Welcome Caroline, Catherine of Aragon. I was surprised and opened my eye's and thought what the heck was that. I closed my eye's again he was still there waving for me to come closer. I walked towards the being thinking once I am closer he will see that I am not who he say's. But that isn't what happened he talked to me while different images flashed. Do I think I was Catherine of Aragon no that is irrelevant. What had occurred was strange to say the least and for the longest time I thought I had imagined it. To me it was about entanglement and stories that interweave or bleed through. And the information would one day make sense to me.

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