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I see

Updated: Apr 21

I am a Goddess a Lady of ancient times. A time you now have forgotten. Your History erased. For I walked this land on long lost path's and in thick forests now gone. With a delicate thought, full with mirth, love and compassion, flowers bloom, deer run, bird's sing, dolphins swim, and beings of all kind glow radiant under stars that twinkle, a sun that shines. I have come again or did I never leave? To walk among you to awaken you from a deep slumber, that which separates and leads you away from all that is truth. For you and I are one and you are called at this time. For you are a note in a master piece of harmony, we have written together and now we sing our song.

We live in a world that has told you a lie for we did not climb down from trees. We flew on ideas full with magic, creating as co-creators with the divine source of all that is. Many species building great temples, structures that would stand the test of time not only here but in galaxy's who's names you don't remember. Advanced in our way's beyond anything you see today. Man for the most part is acting in an un-natural way going against what is natural, so not advanced but regressive moving backwards, primitive, hiding, hording, polluting, bullying, lying. causing fear and panic, throwing away life, love and harmony at the peril of all. No more, forward or up we go. For in the blinking of an eye it can all be gone. Like the wind when it blows across the sands of the desert nothing of its former self remains.

I give you what I see. Waters full with life, oceans of deep blue abundant and living, forests of multiply shades of green, tended and cared for. birds, animals, aquatic life, all beings thriving. Colours vibrant in all things. Trees overflowing with nutritious fruit delicious and sweet, nuts, berries, abundance, in all things that feed all who would eat. Interstellar travel possible and real, capabilities unimagined, health abundant, learning, building, evolving, laughter, song ,dance, harmony for balance in all things is what happens when we sing our song. This story is not over but just beginning we have worlds to discover places to be. So let go of this illusion it is a sickness that will no longer grow. You have what you need see what I see.

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