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Lets talk about Hypnosis

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

This is my opinion based on my experiences so take it as you will.

When I practiced hypnosis with a client I was of the mind that what ever came up

in the client whether I had the same belief or not didn't matter it came up for a reason

and the client was the one having the experience I was merely an observer and a guide.

When people from all back grounds would come for past life regression or help with a phobia. The interesting thing was, what they were experiencing.

Let me tell you about the training I underwent. I had found a Hypnosis practice in Woodstock NY that also gave training in NLP. It was 1989, My ex husband now, had attended a talk on NLP and was interested in learning more. I wanted to stop smoking. Which I did not then. I stopped smoking when I became pregnant in 1991. So we booked a introduction session. We were told that they had a program Future Shaping that was basically 6 session with the initial session together. There was a whole lot going on in those sessions. One session was called a double induction which was two different voice's speaking in each ear telling a different story. The reason given is the brain gives up trying to listen to both voices and a higher state is reached where change can occur. We were also taught self hypnosis. Looking back my naivety really was off the charts. A couple of years later I went for training in basic Hypnosis, hoping to open a practice which I did and I also took an advanced Hypnosis training. As time went on I became aware that hypnosis was being used everywhere in movies, politicians, advertisement and music literally everywhere. People go in and out of trance all day long, which can make you malleable. There was a study done that looked at anaesthesiology. While being under for surgery we are vulnerable, and the conversations going on while you are unconscious can go directly in to your unconscious mind. This is why music is played for the most part and idle chatter discourage. Also be aware of what you are talking about if you are close to someone asleep. I say this to Mothers and their babies as well. We need more respect and awareness. I realised that manipulation, suggestion and hypnosis are one and the same. To allow your self to be hypnotised by someone, you need to trust them completely and know that they have no agenda, ulterior motive and especially no driven ego for control. I only will do hypnosis for someone who has a clear understanding of what it is. It can be a powerful tool for change good or bad. It can be used for creative problem solving, improving skills and focus, also it can be used for uncovering possible past life's or events that you believe happened but you can't remember and would like to. But all to often maybe unintentionally it is used in a nefarious way with little regard for the client.

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