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Updated: Feb 1

Over the years I have tuned myself to the energy's of my body, this

I have done over time sensing the changes and the rhythms.

I have felt the fire of energy rising in my spinal column the waves of life moving

in busts, the stilling of my heart to sense the atmosphere around me. I also have walked the land and in between imagined myself with arms extended to embrace and give solace, compassion and love.

I am changing as I glance at the events as they evolve around me. Feelings of despair

anger and disbelief have taken up much of my time these last few years.

The sense that what I thought was a life full with memories is an illusion, that I have been socially engineered, programmed to behave and respond in a desired way. not the easiest thing to admit to oneself who prided herself on being an out of the box thinker.

I resisted became stubborn dug my heels in and wanted to know why I thought the things I did. I put myself under a microscope questioned everything and still I fell into a trap time and time again that is until now. I have matured and evolved, powering up and designing the journey resonance fuels me.

Remember when you had that first thought that something was off. When you would see a world ripping its self apart and think wait a minute this is so very wrong. We have an opportunity now to change everything in an instant focus and tune in.

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