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Putting the record straight

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

My opinion's are just that 'mine' do they change yes, when I hear something that resonates it causes me to pause and do a re-think incorporating the new information,

Names and places have been changed to protect identities,


Pay Attention to The Man Behind the Curtain!


Caroline Bell Tumblety

Do I believe in ET's, well let’s see what I have in my experience. As a child I saw flashing lights and lots of commotion, outside our holiday caravan one night. I was worried for my little brother as he disappeared. And I remember calling out to my parents asking where my brother was. In the morning no one seemed to have experienced what I had. My Mom and Dad thought it was a party that was going on causing a lot of noise. My little sister thought she heard animals outside owls or dogs. My little brother remembered nothing. This happened while on holiday with my family in Dunoon Scotland 1970 or 1971. The same summer I was taking a walk with my dad and uncle through country roads close to home. We saw what looked like a silver ball moving across the sky. That same day there was clothing on the ground folded up as if someone had stripped off and left them there at the edge of the woods. Later on, that night the News reporter told us that a weather balloon had been seen by many that it was not a UFO just a weather balloon.

Living in London around 1985 standing on the veranda looking for Hailey's Comet we noticed that the sky seemed very busy, small lights moving all over the night sky. I focused on one of them and jokingly said move to the right and it did, I laughed it off and said now go left and down and it did, I did this a few more times, when one of the people with us said please stop doing that as it was making them afraid. I didn't give it to much thought and put it down to a fluke, until many years later.

I was about 24 and had met the man I would later marry in Colorado. His family-owned land in Virginia with a cabin and he wanted to go there for the summer to do some work on the cabin and to grow weed. Being the naïve being I was I thought yes, adventure and off we went to Virginia.

While in Virginia I was left there alone for about three or four days. while Joe went back to NY for supplies. It was a very secluded spot, no other houses for a couple of miles. The houses were used as second homes so very seldom were they occupied. Anyway, here I am young Scottish women in the middle of nowhere, I have a 22 rifle but no means of transport so pretty much alone.

The first night there alone, I heard a loud knocking noise outside high up in the trees. I racked my brain trying to think what it could be. Three loud knocks in the middle of the night, I knew of nothing that could do that.

I had my sleeping bag on top of a large wooden table in the enclosed porch. The inside of the cabin was uninhabitable and run down.

The enclosed porch was about 15 feet long and maybe 8 feet wide. We had set up sleeping bags on a large wooden dinning table to sleep. There was a small dinner table with a couple of chairs, and a woodstove for heating and cooking. There wasn’t any running water, that was one of the things needing fixed installing a sub pump. We would gather water from the river below the cabin.

Anyway, back to being alone in the middle of nowhere. I remember being in my sleeping bag and hearing a scratching sound from above my head, I looked up pointing my flashlight and saw a big spider yike! It was as big as my hand maybe bigger. I thought to myself, I could find myself wrapped in a cocoon in the morning. I zipped the sleeping bag all around my head and fell fast asleep. Strange thing I wasn’t afraid. The next couple of days passed and to be honest I have only snippets of memory. When Joe came back we were sitting having dinner, what happened next happened fast, I saw his eyes turn black. It really scared me, and I jumped up knocking the chair down and ran as fast as I could. He caught me, I was struggling to get away, when I heard him saying Morag stop what are you doing your nose is bleeding, he seemed as confused as me. I put it down to being another fluke, and that I must have imagined, that I saw his eyes turn black.

After the summer in Virginia, we moved to Woodstock NY. We stayed in an apartment that Joe’s Dad rented but used rarely. We would eventually find a place to rent in town. By coincidence I had met someone from Scotland who was also looking for a place to rent, we were able to rent a house with a roommate to help with cost. We found work restoring an old house once owned by the Dunlop family. We came up with a way to paint the old wooden panel walls like the original pickled paint. To the delight of the owner who wanted it to look as much like the original as possible. Around the summer of 1987 we moved Upstate and got married spring 1988. We had made friends with someone who owned land and wanted to parcel it up for sale. We bought 7 acres of land. This is about the time I read a book by a horror author turned non-fiction in which he describes things that were strangely familiar, also the picture on the front I knew those eyes. Manufactured image to create a phycological imprint. Experiments and research having already been conducted using images and can be easily found, look at research in Emotion, Anxiety and Phobia, Psychophysiology, Brain Imaging, Cognitive Neuroscience. What happens when someone has an agenda, well there is enough research out there done by well meaning individuals that can be used to create just about anything a twisted mind wants, feeding on the fears of others and directly beaming into our mind space or through our eye balls via all kinds of waves, transmissions or that big black screen T.V flashing lights. Not only beaming into or projection onto but also capturing. The whole idea of receiver transmitter is that really what we are?

This is a rough draft of the book I am writing stay tuned for updates.

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