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I have been thinking lately about reincarnation, the whole idea that we live a life die and come back. I have read a lot on the subject and listened to what others had to say about the afterlife or other side and rebirth. I have done my own experiments with regards to going to the afterlife or other side I have seen and talked with the so called dead. I do not believe in death, there is only a change in energy. I have also assisted other's through past life regression, and have helped others connect with loved ones. But I have to say something is off in my opinion.

The idea of reincarnation taught in some religions will say that we come here to learn. We plan out our life's we choose the path. Often when someone hears this relief is felt. 10 years ago I was the kind of person who believed I would live to at least 150 years of age and I would keep coming back until every sentient being was free from suffering, That it wasn't my job to wake people up to the hypocrisies or lies. That would be interference in my opinion everyone has their path. I really did believe that for many years. Today I think differently. To many inconsistences. Someone dear to me asked me once how many people do you think are on the Earth. I gave the statistical number at that time 6 billion. They answered no, there is maybe 500 million the rest are other us, you, me. That would mean hundreds or even thousands of others. What do you mean I asked.

We are fragmented and there is really maybe 500 million real beings.

This sent my mind into question mode. Also I wasn't sure if that was the case.

The idea that we are interreacting with aspects of self. There is some schools of thought that will say nothing is personal, for instance when you meet someone who you dislike chances are you are dealing with a disowned part of yourself, that they display a character trait that you do not identify with . There are also alterative therapists that are of the believe that if you have been abused in this life chances are you did something awful in your past life. Going even further and bringing in Karma or sin being the reason for your unlucky life. I'm really not convinced of this.

The same person who asked me the question about how many people are on earth also said they believed anyone of us could have been Hitler given the right circumstances or program.

This brings me back to reincarnation we are supposed to learn grow and evolve. So how is it that things haven't gotten better in fact they have gotten much much worse. And if there are a whole bunch of other me's out there what are they really? Tiny fragments, overlays, stolen parts, or part of a dysfunctional system that has been copied from the original. This is where I will go down the rabbit hole. We could dive in to milabs or mkultra known covert programs, there is a multitude of information out there. Or cloning stations again information is out there. I was never really that interested in any of it until the last 10 years. Though I did think something was a miss for a very long time. I never felt like this was home, though I had made a home. What if during war when a solider dies on foreign land that he is recycled almost instantaneously to the nearest pregnant women, I know that sounds out there, but isn't it possible that the convenient ideas of reincarnation are no longer applying to this realm and haven't been in a very long time. That the whole system has been highjacked and in the hands of something not about evolution but regression. Soldiers dying then being born into the country he was at war with and the trauma and addiction going with him. I remember when I was very young my little brother used to say to my mom do you remember when I was a solider and I had a son. it really creeped my mom out.

When he got a little older he told me he was looking in the mirror when he remembered having a son that looked just like himself that he had been in the war on the front line of battle. He was in the trenches when his troop was told to advance. He said he remembered crawling out of the trench and being shot in the head and dying instantly, he also had a vivid memory of being born. He has also struggled with addiction most of his life.

Opium or Heroin was something that was taken during war. It could be purchased and sent by family members to soldiers all perfectly legal.


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