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Round and Round we go !

I have a least 6 drafts of blogs I have written that ever time I would go to publish, every thing would crash internet would freeze very frustrating! So I thought I would try something different because I am so very tired of going round and round. So I have decided to share something that I'm still processing.

There is something very different going on in our universe, planets are getting warmer, everything is heating up, out there causing a ripple.

A couple of months back I was sitting in my living room when I had the sense that something was looking at me, you know the feeling. I looked up at the window and there was a very bright object. I thought is that a star, a planet or what. I felt a short pulse on the left side of my head, and then a longer pulse, that is the best I can describe it. I took a couple of pictures got up closed my blinds turned of my laptop and switched of my phone. I felt calm but some what irritated by the pulse in my brain.

Now who was looking at me and why the pulse? The left side of the brain is the receiver so a signal was sent but by who ? Turns out I was looking at Jupiter, but was there something behind it that sent the signal or did Jupiter send it.

A signal was sent I received it and I also had a strong sense of being looked at. Not the normal round and round that this world has been offering lately. It got me thinking of July 1994 when comet Shoemaker-levy split apart and crashed into Jupiter I remember looking for updates and pictures and wondering what was going on. 21 pieces of comet smashed into Jupiter over 6 days it caused a lot of changes to the planet.

Also the movie's 2001 ,2010, a space odyssey were popular again Arthur C Clarke was a visionary as was Stanley Kubrick.

And the quote 'something is going to happen, something wonderful' had been playing in my head.

I think that the true nature of our solar system is other than what we have been told. that the solar system is heating up. It is having a direct effect here. That Jupiter is a celestial being, living, and my sense is that there are beings out there gathering watching an event unfold. Something is going to happen, Something wonderful. I was able to publish this first time, funny that.

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