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Up we go!

Updated: May 10

When we hear the sound of the trumpet it reverberates through all the realms, beings are tuned to the sound, it will be accompanied by the drum the heart beat.

The energies will mingle the dimensions shake can you sense it now? I can, Rise up stand, gather yourself it has been a long journey. and really, it has just begun, out of time, no more around the merry go round.

Beltane is here the fire is burning bright fierce and alive as we rise. Pulling up through our feet to the crown our glory is at hand no need to wonder for the veil has truly been lifted can you see?

Walk in power ask and you will receive, knock and the door will open, for you are what you have been waiting for.

Tree of life her branches are far and wide and heavy with fruit no longer captive but free.

The dawn chorus is loud this spring morning for they sense it too, one year and a day was the way long ago or was it only yesterday, in a flash it all happens at once and we slumbered for a time like Rip Van Winkle.

Celebrate for we are on our way. Nothing and no one can stop what Source creator has in store. Light beings are at the ready for they to are on their way home.

Sing and dance rejoice be merry open up to all that is being shared it is available now. Ray's of light to transform, transmute for the transformation is now near completion.

Love is the frequency and I feel it running through my veins, do you ?

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