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Where are we ?

Updated: Feb 23

Looking around me and wondering what the heck is this place lol

So many beings calling out to be heard, thinking they have the answers, my sense is

some of them do, and some of them don't.

My experience is all I have, as a reference, as to what I actually resonate with.

I have paid attention over the years and watched as things got crazier and crazier. More and more layers of secret programs, and wars. Being's pulled into situations and experiments, not contracted, unwitting participants, we do not choose this at least I didn't that's just another deception. It is not about what was done to me or others, but what am I willing to put up with, once the truth has been seen, for me it is none of it. I am willing to put up with none of it.

It has been like looking at a giant puzzle with pieces scattered all over, attempting to put it together so I can zoom out and look at the bigger picture and gain clarity.

There have been deliberate manipulations of history, wild stories, telling the opposite of the truth, adding to the confused state of amnesia I have found myself in at times. This has been a journey, I have been reluctant and stubborn at times refusing to see the truth of things, my head spinning at the arrogance and destruction. I have seen patterns over time connected dots and have come to the understanding this place is not as describe in the brochure and I would like my money back lol.

Sometimes I have viewed this realm as if it was Middle Earth from JRR Tolkien's writings. As I wander, I see in the beings here, ancestral traits of troll's, ogres, giants, elf's, wizards, dwarfs, hobbits and all the other beings Tolkien wrote about. A realm were beings come together to stand against a enemy that wants to suck the life from everything. The duality glaring dark and light and its never-ending battle.

But that's not the only thing I see in this realm. The contrast between the technology we have in front of us and what is really there. Lets look a little at what's in front of us. The ability to connect to someone anytime, anywhere, to beable to see and talk to someone miles away in real-time. Close circuit cameras on ever corner integrated into traffic signals buildings and shops. High frequency signals as a way to keep people away or moving. I was shocked in 2009 when taking a walk over a bridge my daughter and niece became very uncomfortable, covering their ears and ran across the bridge. Turned out that the local municipal had installed high frequency signals to ensure no Lottering. It was targeting teenagers and younger people as their hearing was in the range of the frequency. I could not hear it. This got me curious so I looked into it some more. It turned out it was being used a lot with home owners and businesses as a deterrent a kind of electric fence for sensitive hearing. It also got me thinking we are all different and react differently to things I wonder who the test group was. This is not even the tippy tip of the iceberg.

In 2012 my daughter was playing a game online that was in beta, she asked me to make an account so I could help her fight in the dungeons, so I did. I met someone in that game who turned my life upside down. I came face to face with my shadow and I proceeded to break my own rules but it didn't seem that way at the time. In the beginning I would talk with this person through text in the game. My daughter asked if I had looked at their profile, I hadn't, but I did when she mentioned it. Their avatar was female but the discerption said girls are better to look at. I guess it is common for players to use opposite sexed avatars, pretty common. I was talking to someone who was not as they seemed. So when I first started to text I did think I was speaking to a female and maybe my guard was done some. But figured it wasn't a big deal, And to be honest I knew I was speaking to a man after a few exchanges in text, As time progressed and we got to know each other moving from text to talking, a whole lot of anomalies burst into the scene. My whole system was being manipulated, it had been mapped many years prior, brains waves nervous system all known and being used. But I didn't know it at the time. I was really able to see it in action when I returned to Scotland a few years ago, when listening to music at work I started moving like I was on automatic pilot and not in complete control I kid you not I had moves. The minuet my attention was on it I was able to stop it. What the heck I thought, what is going on. As I look back at that meeting online, it was not an accident, destiny or fate but a serious of events with a predetermined outcome. Programs activated and over lays already in place as I played a game with the other side of tech thinking it was supernatural but maybe it was a combination. Or It is even darker than you might think, Things are most definitely not as they seem. A world of gate keepers, pulling strings in the most intrusive way imaginable.

But I really don't care how many times I have picked up the pieces of my life, I will keep looking through the illusion.

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