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'Seven Stars of Avalon'
May 202?

Important Update

Due to the unreliability of access to islands around Scotland, I have decided to focus on the mainland for now. I will keep working on the book and hope to have it published in the next few months.  

'Seven Stars of Avalon'

Experience the stunning beauty of Scotland's past with our 'Seven Stars of Avalon'. Our tour takes you on an adventure in time, visiting Carin's, Castle Ruins, Fairy Glens, and Ancient Walks, while encountering Giants, Caves,  through forgotten lands and erased beings. Built on our ancestors' literal footsteps, this tour will leave you with lasting memories of Scotland's heritage.

Ancient Scotland

'Seven Stars of Avalon'

A magical land full of mystery

Magical Scotland


Who was it, that was placed in the Ancient Cairns ? our ancestor's took such care of placement, Why ?

Standing stones Scotland

Scotland Tour

Putting together some date's` for 2024. It will be a small group 7-10 and will be over 7 days.

'Seven Stars of Avalon' tour will be in May 2024. We will spend seven days visiting  ancient cairns connecting with our ancestors through ceremony and reverence, awakening our knowing of who we truly are. Healing the land and ourselves, setting free  the chains that have held repetitive patterns  of ancestral pain. Paying respect to the forgotten. for more information and to reserve your place please e-mail me at

tour 9.jpg

Standing stones

All over this land there are standing stones.

Standing stone or gaints foot


A land full of wonder and charm

Avalon (maybe)
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