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'Seven Stars of Avalon'
May 2025

My plan is to bring a group to the Ancients sites in Scotland in 2025 depending on interest. Also thinking about smaller groups through out the year.

'Seven Stars of Avalon'

Experience the stunning beauty of Scotland's past with our 'Seven Stars of Avalon'. Our Sojourn takes you on an adventure in time, visiting Carin's, Megalithic structures Castle Ruins, Fairy Glens, and Ancient Walks, while encountering Giants, Caves,  through forgotten lands and erased beings. Built on our ancestors' literal footsteps, this sojourn will leave you with lasting connections and meaning of Scotland's heritage.

Ancient Scotland

'Seven Stars of Avalon'

A magical land full of mystery

Magical Scotland


Who was it, that was placed in the Ancient Cairns ? our ancestor's took such care of placement, Why ?

Standing stones Scotland

Scotland Trip

We have sites here in Scotland that are the resting place of our Ancient Ancestors. These sites instead of being protected have been robbed. The land disrespected and the identity's hidden and erased. If we are to reclaim our true heritage we will need to expose the lies of history 

tour 9.jpg

Standing stones

All over this land there are standing stones, circles, carvings, megalithic structures waiting to be unlocked.

Standing stone or gaints foot


A land full of wonder and charm

Avalon (maybe)
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